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Background Information
NameGabe Villarin
Country of BirthUnited States United States
TeamCloud9logo std.png Cloud9
Previous Role(s)Roam
Soloqueue IDsgabe
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Team History
??? 2015 - Feb 2016
Roamrole icon.png
GankStarslogo std.png GankStars Sirius
Feb 2016 - Jun 2016
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Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Kinetic
Jun 2016 - Sep 2016
Roamrole icon.png
Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Velocity
Sep 2016 - Present
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Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
Gabe "gabevizzle" Villarin is a player for Cloud9.



Gabevizzle began his competitive career with Gankstars Sirius as a roam when he competed in VIPL season 1. Together with CullTheMeek and IraqiZorro, the team won the first season of VIPL. Having won VIPL season 1, GSS automatically qualified for season 2. At VIPL Season 2, Gankstars Sirius finished 3rd after losing to Ardent Alliance in the semi-finals. Because of the team traveling to Korea for VIPL, they did not compete in the Autumn qualifiers or the Live Championship.


In the Winter Season, Gabe remained with Gankstars Sirius where they competed in the Winter Season qualifiers. The team won the first qualifier, winning against Alliance in the finals. In the second qualifier, they lost to Alliance in the finals this time 3-0. At the Winter Championships, the team again lost to TSM in the semi-finals, finish 3-4th overall.

Following the Winter Season, Gabe left Gankstars to join Hammers Kinetic with other new arrival, ttigers. In their first official qualifier playing together, the team won VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier 1 after beating their sister team Hammers Velocity in the semi-finals and GankStars Sirius in the finals. Hammers Kinetic made it to the top 8 in VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier 2, but lost 0-2 to Noble eSports. Kinetic again qualified for the Spring Live Championships by finishing 1st in the first qualifier, and went on to finish top 4 at the Spring Championships

In the Summer Season, Gabe was moved to sister team Hammers Velocity. Velocity finished 3rd in the Evil Eight split 1, but struggled in the second split, finishing 6th overall going into the Summer Live Championships.



gabevizzle Tournament Results
2017-12-17A33$ UndisclosedUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png Vainglory Worlds 2017Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9gabevizzle Oldskool iLoveJoseph
2017-07-16A22$ 3,250Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Vainglory 8 - Summer 2017 Split 1Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9gabevizzle Oldskool iLoveJoseph Azurenai
2017-05-21A11$ 30,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png VG8 Spring 2017 Unified ChampionshipCloud9logo std.png Cloud9Oldskool iLoveJoseph gabevizzle
2017-04-30A22$ 3,250Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Vainglory 8 - Spring 2017 Split 2Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9Oldskool iLoveJoseph gabevizzle
2017-04-02A22$ 3,250Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Vainglory 8 - Spring 2017 Split 1Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9Oldskool iLoveJoseph gabevizzle
2017-02-24A11Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png VISPRO - Winter 2017 Split 2Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9Oldskool iLoveJoseph gabevizzle
2016-12-13A66Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png VIS Autumn 2016 Regular SeasonCloud9logo std.png Cloud9Hardek iLoveJoseph gabevizzle
2016-11-06A33$ 1,600Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Evil Eight - Autumn 2016 Split 2Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9Hardek iLoveJoseph LostBoyToph gabevizzle
2016-10-09A88$ 1,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Evil Eight - Autumn 2016 Split 1Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9Hardek gabevizzle iLoveJoseph LostBoyToph Koedz
2016-09-04A22$ 7,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png NA Summer 2016 ChampionshipHammerslogo std.png Hammers VelocityZio Aloh4 gabevizzle
Total Prize: USD 49,350


  • 2016

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