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Documentation for Ambox2

An article message box, or ambox, can be added to notify users of specific messages regarding the article. The {{cleanup}} template is an example of an ambox.


All parameters

Name Examples Description
Line colors
type type = notice [default] Use the correct value for the message box.
type = style
type = content
type = delete
type = protection
type = images
image Example.png Places an image on the left of the message box.
imagewidth 56px [default] Defines the width of the left image.
imagealt Notice Text to be displayed if image isn't shown properly.
image2 PD-icon.png Places a second image on the right of the message box
image2width 56px [default] Defines the width of the right image.
image2alt Public Domain Text to be displayed if the right image isn't shown properly.
width [deprecated] No longer available
style e.g. font-size: 90%; Takes any valid CSS style.
contents (see below)


Use {{ambox/message}} in the contents parameter. Example:

| 1 = Need some help ova here!
| 2 = This article needs cleaning up.
| 3 = You can help by editing it.




  • Ambox with no image: {{ambox | type = notice | contents = '''Lorem ipsum''' dolor sit amet.}}

  • Ambox with 2 images and custom style:
| type     = images
| image    = Copyright.png
| image2   = Red copyright.png
| style    = font-family: Georgia, serif;
| contents = '''Lorem ipsum''' dolor sit amet.

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